Car Unlock Service of Fort Myers, FL

car unlock service

When you’re locked out of your vehicle in the Fort Myers, FL surrounding area, you want a Car Unlock Service you can trust. We’ve been unlocking car doors and trunks since the year 2005, assisting our clients to get back to their normal lives at a fair price. But running an affordable car lockout business isn’t enough to keep up with the competition.. That is why we react quickly to calls by people who are in need to unlock a car throughout the city of Fort Myers, Florida.

Need to Extract Locked Keys in Car?

As the best lockout service the city of Ft Myers has to offer, we can support you roadside if your keys are locked in the car at any time of the day or night. In addition, the experts we hired are capable of extracting a key from the ignition if it’s stuck inside. So make the right call and contact Fort Myers, FL car unlock service of choice by dialing the number (239) 204-5372 when you’re in a jam!

$19 Car Unlock Service Call!

In case you’re wondering about the price, we charge a low-cost fee of $19 for the service call. This covers the technician’s time and effort to come to your location. Once he’s on-site, it’s only a matter of seconds until you’ll be provided with the rock solid estimate you require. Most car unlock service providers in Fort Myers, FL do charge something between $35-$55 just for the service call, what makes us the cheapest company when it comes to auto lockout or trunk opening.

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